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College students are very queer when it comes to social skills. When they get to college, they forget their past,and they usually lose focus.They love imitating their friends due to peer influence. For example, one of my friends joined campus last year but one. He is a social guy, welcoming, and solicitous in what he does. He was lucky to get a friend during the first week of their admission. He used to be a cool boy, one you would not wish he would hurt a fly. However, his friend was a drunkard, he used to buy take away beer, and come with it to their hostels. He was slowly moved by the friends pressure who claimed that \"as over eighteens beer is not only a necessity, but a sufficient condition\"every Friday was an outing day, they could go drink, until they were unable to get back home. They got used to college life, where people usually say that the essence of exams is passing. This makes many college student to be reluctant in their studies and engage themselves into code of misconduct. This went on until he got several exam refers, according to the University regulations, three refers called for discontinuation. I usually regret, become emotional, when i see wasted potential due to peer influence.

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